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A slow update

I slowed down. Just like you did. I had many WTF moments. Just like you did.

And with all this extra time and space I contemplated life, my career, my place in the world. Just like you have been too.

What had I created for myself?

How was I allowing myself to live?

And was that healthy and soothing for my soul?

Was I really thriving?

But what does thriving actually mean? What does it truly look like?

It’s going to be different for everyone. Because we each are a unique Soul. With a unique composition of qualities and characteristics.

One thing became very clear to me. My mission, with or without my profession, license and all that external dogma is this: FREEDOM and to be a loving, supportive guide for those that are wanting to reclaim their sovereignty, to break free!

So I’ll be offering support groups and webinars. Most will be free and others might be in a sliding scale.

Send you a hug, a virtual hug! Gosh, I really do miss hugs!

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