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It's Time to Feel at Ease

in Your Own Skin

Natalia Morrison

Integrative Physician, A.P.

Hands up if your body is starting to feel like a stranger –– 


The kind that just won’t stop feeling stuck in suffering, fear and annoying anxiety… 


The kind that’s totally mastered the art of pretending to be “okay”!


Somewhere along the way, you closed the lid on your container of self-expression –– and it’s feeling impossible to pry it open.


You know there’s a healthy, joyful life waiting for you (somewhere).


But how do you begin charting this path to healing and recovering your sovereignty, when it feels so far out of reach?


Confession: I used to think that this kind of freedom was a distant dream, too.


That’s exactly why I’m so glad you’re here –– because I broke free! And now, guide people  just like you towards achieving their goals, too.


My mission is simple: to support you in reaching a state of ease within your own skin.


Using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and Universal Law, I guide women through deep healing and personal awakening so that they can break free of pain and suffering –– for good!


If you constantly feel stuck in a cycle of illness, emotional depletion and overwhelmed by everyone else’s expectations –– my multidimensional approach is the toolbox to take you from exhausted to empowered.

Acupuncture Physician Natalia Morrison, based in Miami Florida

As a Board-Licensed Acupuncture Physician since 2013, Natalia Morrison brings a multidimensional approach to medicine, empowering her patients and community to move towards healing and a meaningful connection to self.


She is on a mission to bridge the gap between modern and traditional medicine, and can usually be found contributing to innovative projects working towards this goal! 

Natalia Morrison holds a  Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.

Areas of Interest: Fertility, Women's Health, Pain Management, Autoimmune Symptoms, Anxiety Disorders, Stress Management, Anti-Aging (Cosmetic Acupuncture)

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My Journey to Freedom

At the age of 12, I knew I had a unique gift: access to the intuitive power of universal understanding.


Naturally, this led me down the path of exploring disciplines such as Sufism, Yogic Principles and meditation, which I continued to hone and elevate as the years passed.


I wasn’t living in a zen den, though.


In my late teens, I was suffering from a laundry list of ailments: chronic fatigue, poor digestion, anxiety, and anger.


In my search to heal and balance my body, I discovered the combined power of acupuncture, integrative and Chinese medicine –– and everything shifted.


I optimized and energized my body, healing the chronic fatigue and pain. I learned to train and repattern my mind to eliminate anxiety and gain clarity and focus. And finally was able to give my heart ease and peace. 


Using this approach, I broke free from years of pain and stepped into sovereignty.


By putting into practice the teachings, principles, and remedies, I reclaimed my mind and body… And rediscovered my true nature, which had gotten lost in the patterns of pain I had been living through. 


If I could heal my body, I know you can too.


I wanted to integrate everything I’d learned and share it with the world because I believe that there is always a better way of being, and we need community to align and heal.


The time has come for you to remember who you *really* are.


It would be my honor to support you on your journey to reclaiming your health and your uniqueness!

Are you ready to break-free?

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