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Jean A

Natalia has helped me on many different levels. She has helped me through acupuncture, cupping, and discussions to alleviate chronic back pain, shingles pain, trigger finger, and to more effectively work through and cope with losses in life . She is an extremely talented practitioner who is able to help many physical and emotional issues.

I have had a better quality of life and will continue to see her on a regular basis.

Thank you, Natalia!

Emily K

Natalia is an incredibly gifted healer! She creates such a safe space for the physical, mental and spiritual to merge and become whole. Her warmth and patience really make me feel heard and seen so that I always trust her intuition in each session’s approach to healing.  I look forward to every appointment!

Malva A

Excelente profesional ... admirable.

Sufrí muchos años de dolor de cuello,los médicos solo me daban relajante muscular,pastillas para el dolor y nada me ayudó.

Una amiga me recomendó a esta doctora,despues  de averiguar un poco sobre la acupuntura,decidi  probar; aunque no muy convencida.

Con tres sesiones,mi dolor desapareció hasta hoy.

Gracias Natalia por ayudarme a vivir sin dolor!

Eres fantástica.

Lisa M

Natalia Morrison is more than an excellent acupuncturist; she is a true gifted healer. From getting my gallbladder to function normally to almost completely eliminating intermittent tinnitus to eliminating a consistently tearing eye no eye specialist could fix, to unblocking two blocked eardrums to successfully treating lymphedema in one ankle to name just a very few, Natalia’s gift of understanding the human body translates into her creating a kind, compassionate, safe space where the different levels of your own body and being are reconnected through needling and other methodology so you can begin your own healing process. Natalia has an unerring knack to see exactly what your body, mind and soul needs on many different levels. Always leave her office feeling great!

Constanza M

Natalia rinde un servicio bastante profesional. Gracias a ella conocí el mundo de la medicina convencional a través de la acupuntura logre sanar no solo dolencias físicas si no espirituales dedicó su tiempo para que yo pudiera avanzar poco a poco, entregándome conocimiento siempre me explicó lo que estaba practicando , una persona muy dedicada, detallista con un compromiso hacia el paciente de muy alto nivel. Aplicó no solo acupuntura, también terapia de sonido y color, cupping y consejos sobre como cuidar nuestra alimentación hasta como manejar nuestro estrés. Muy agradecida de haber llegado a este lugar!

Malva E

Natalia’s professionalism and knowledge have given me a true healing experience. She is attentive and cares for the well being of the patients. My back pain has improved as well as my over all health ever since I started visiting her. I highly recommend

Maria de los Angeles A

Absolutamente recomendado, el servicio profesional ofrecido es de primera, a tal  punto que te sientes muy relajada en el proceso, proceso que por cierto para mí era absolutamente desconocido, gracias a tanta recomendación de mis amigos llegue a este lugar y la experiencia ha sido excelente , agradezco a Natalia su profesionalismo y entrega en cada sesión con mi persona, lo recomiendo 100% 👌

Alicia P

I enjoyed my acupuncture treatments with Natalia. She is very knowledgeable and welcoming. She has helped me with my pain in my neck, shoulders, knees. I highly recommend her !!

Cristian C

I could barely stand at work. I had such lower back pains and also what I felt was a pinched nerve. I stand all day at work and then go jog with my kids and take them to the play ground. I couldn't do much with them, but after doing some sessions, man I'm doing things little by little. I'm so excited that I could train, jog and pretty much do my activities. Highly recommend her, so far we have my mother, brother, sister in-law and now my mother's friend going their too. She knows what's she's doing. This may sound like a paid person or something but it's just someone who got kind of his life back. No bull try it out.

Rosemarie F

Natalia has been a blessing, I found her at the precise moment in my life. She has such a amazing gift, she is so kind and gentle. I look forward to my appointments with her and feel such peace when I leave.

Gabrielle P

Unparalleled healing abilities and a gracious, gentle nature to her practice. Natalia genuinely wants to help her patients achieve their best state and is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and gifted in her abilities. You can't go wrong with her and you definitely won't regret it. She incorporates sound, color, music, and herbal therapy to get the most out of each individual session and it absolutely makes a difference in terms of the power of her treatments compared to basic acupuncture alone. 

Patricia C

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the right femur 2 years ago. Three chemotherapy cycles followed the diagnosis, surgery was performed to remove the tumor and another three cycles of chemotherapy were administered. The side effects of the chemotherapy medications caused severe neuropathy in my hands and leg causing continuous pain and stiffness in the joints of my hands and severe tendinitis in the left wrist and right knee.  I had limited range of motion of my right leg which restricted my daily activities. I was unable to walk without pain and standing from a siting position was difficult and painful due to the tendinitis pain and stiffness in the knee. Conventional pain treatment and therapy offered relief but did not resolve the condition. On March 19, 2014 I had my first evaluation and acupuncture therapy session with Dr. Natalia Morrison, it was my first experience with acupuncture. Based on her evaluation, she recommended 2 acupuncture sessions per week.  After only one month of acupuncture, I experienced significant relief of my symptoms. The stiffness and pain of the joints in my hands became less frequent and the tendinitis in my left wrist had resolved. By the end of July, the condition of my hands had resolved. I now have increased range of motion in my leg and the tendinitis in my knee has improved by 90%. I am now able to stand up from a sitting position without pain or stiffness. I continue receiving acupuncture therapy once a week for my general health, my right leg, and also for relief of anxiety and mild depression.I am deeply grateful to Dr. Morrison for her intervention and commend her for her expertise and professionalism.  Not only is she skilled in her field but she also possess outstanding bedside manners and the innate ability to comfort and heal with her soothing approach and kindness. My healing was made possible thanks to the generosity of Dr. Morrison who provided me the opportunity to obtain acupuncture therapy through the community clinic at a price I could afford. Her focus was on my healing and not on her gain. I have great respect and admiration for professionals like Dr. Morrison who hold high ethical standards and are committed to provide true healing.I highly recommend Dr. Natalia Morrison to all my family and friends and voice my testimony on the effectiveness of Acupuncture therapy on every opportunity I have. ​

Denia R

Natalia restored my hope, my belief that anything is possible and my trust in Chinese medicine. I am doing so well thanks to her help. She’s amazing! And I’m so grateful. Peace and love in abundance. 

I’ve dealt with everything from chronic pain to gastro intestinal problems to endocrine system issues. Everywhere I have asked for help, I’ve been told there’s not much we can do to help. “Here take these pills they’ll keep you from getting worse.” I decided to go my own route. The holistic route. You wont usually hear a Holistic practitioner tell you they cant help, but you usually have to be in their vicinity to get it. Well, I moved out of state and didn’t know anyone that could help so I reached out to Natalia. I told her I’ve had severe GI pain for six months, I’ve been to the ER dozens of times and had extremely high doses of morphine pumped into my body as well as stomach spasm reducers, acid reducers, pain relievers, etc. Nothing rid me of this pain and the unstoppable diarrhea, hemorrhoids , you name it. She immediately took charge, and with no hesitation said, I want to help you. That was music to my ears. within one month of taking herbal remedies, I was better then I had been in years. We worked out a plan, had the herbs sent directly to my house and I haven’t looked back since.


I was unsure about acupuncture and did not know if it could help ease my chronic shoulder and neck pain. I entered treatment doubtful of the outcome. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did acupuncture and cupping lessen the pain, the treatments increased my range of motion in my shoulder. Natalia Morrison is a gifted healer. She is professional and explains the treatments in an assuring and gentle manner. I highly recommend

Jackie E

Natalia is my favorite most female acupuncturist that I highly recommend. After my treatments with Natalia, I felt so much better and less pain. Her recommendations have assisted me tremendously. Never before have I been calm, relaxed, and at ease after a complete session, than with Natalia. Her diverse background allows her to communicate with patients making the connection to their true self of aligning imbalances. Thank you so much for healing me.

Sebastian G

I have been treated by Natalia over a dozen times, be it for joint pain to headaches to muscle pain, she has always been able to treat them. She is impressive with the needles and an amazing person as well. Highly recommend her. ​

Cathy C

I had many treatments from Natalia over the past few years for various conditions and she always helps me get through everything. No matter how big or small the issue was, she helped me through them when other practitioners could not! She’s been a major part of my life and I am forever grateful for her warm soul and her healing hands. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of some healing! ​

Patricia S

I have known Natalia for a long time, and have been treated by her for several different ailments. Her treatments never cease to amaze me, in their effectiveness as well as how quickly my body responds to them. I definitely recommend her as an acupuncturist and as an excellent healer overall.

Liz A

Natalia is present, amazing, and a true healer.

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